A new identity: Destruction holds a core of positivity

[PUN WARNING] Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, has positivity at her core.

Though volcanos destroy, they also contain potential. Volcanos bury negativity in lava and encourage soil to come back more fertile — and discover the new islands created through the eruption!

I’ve realized a long-desired goal and recreated my brand. Please join me over at North Star Muse to learn more. — Readings and tea leaf reading kit prices will increase after Nov 1, so please peruse and purchase now.

This is a collage I made to honor the volcano goddess Pele a couple of months ago.

Comment with any art you care to share, or pics of ways you honor favorite energies.

Goddess Pele Collage

Next time:

Expect a blog at North Star Muse on Nov 10 that reveals a simple tarot spread and an example of how to deal with anxiety and tension, obsession, and issues with business or personal relationships.

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