Enter the Fairy World: Fairy Godmother casting sheet

Are you ready for the fairy world? Can you give the right offering to get your three wishes from your Fairy Godmother?

Wings, Wands and Wishes are not only for times of utmost curiosity or need. The magic and wonder of the fairy realm suits all moods imaginable, and this casting sheet is an especially useful tool for celebrations as well as discovering one’s true desires.

One need not sit outdoors, where fairies love to tread, to use this device of divination. One may consider using objects other than, or in addition to charms when using the Fairy Godmother Board.

Try casting dried flower petals, glittery stones or beads, or perhaps small bits of costume jewelry on the board, and see where your imagination — and your Fairy Godmother — takes you.

fairy godmother boardwpoppies

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