Write home about it: Eek! A mouse! And in my tea reading!

The appearance of a rodent may not thrill many, particularly someone seeking insight into their inner world. 

Symbols can convey different meanings to different people, conjuring different memories, and stories. Tea leaves offer some of the best examples.

Here are a couple examples and exercises on how they may apply to your self-exploration.

Rabbits and responsibility

During the last holiday season, I was fortunate to read cards at a corporate event. I used Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, along with tarot.

One young man drew the rabbit tea leaf fortune card. He explained it as recognition of his past, where he was responsible for taking care of rabbits as a child.

Other cards helped develop a theme of responsibility.


Take six index cards and write six animal names on them. Try to include a mammal, a rodent, a reptile/amphibian, a fish or water mammal, a domestic animal, and a specific bird.

Shuffle and draw at random.

Journal and/or discuss how this animal has entered your life in some regard. What has this life force asked of you? Do you expand in love or contract in fear when you think of this creature? Why is this?

A mouse isn’t always a bad sign ….

During another fair, I read tea leaves for various people.

One young lady came to me hoping to purchase her first home, when this mouse revealed itself.

A mouse! Jenn had just dreamed of mice climbing her walls the night before. Because of its relationship to the first house and her and her wife wanting a first home, I suggested they make sure there are no unnecessary expenditures
A mouse!

The woman receiving the reading had dreamed of mice climbing her walls the night before.

Because of its relationship to Aries, the first house of the zodiac, and her and her wife wanting a first home, I suggested they make sure there are no unnecessary expenditures.

The mouse seemed a reminder that they monitor where their money goes. Mice often steal to survive.

Now consider using the cards, as explained in the above exercise section, as a set of oracles at the ready with requests. You may not have a big decision, such as purchasing a house, or a goal like obtaining a new job at the moment.

Ask the six cards what request they have of you — what characteristic they might have that they you need to be more aware of.

It may be helpful to go beyond intuition and creative/freewriting with both these exercises. This exercise may especially broaden your perspective and know-how if you go deeper with a symbols dictionary. You can always search online for “swan meanings”, but begin with your first thoughts and first feelings.

Thanks for the read, and next time …

Sink your fork into the idea of writing and tarot. Do you advocate Imagination in the creation of dishes in the kitchen? How can you stir it up in writing and tarot? My next blog, in two weeks, will share creative prompts, useful to tarot enthusiasts and those without decks and divination tools.

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Thanks for the read.

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