Five keys to collaborating with folks of caliber

There’s nothing,  arguably,  as satisfying as a job well done with someone you admire.

Writers identify with this process, perhaps, as work with an editor, or the completion of an interview. Both will help strengthen the reach of your audience, as an editor will want your work made visible, and someone featured by you in an interview will likely boast to those in their circle.

Grow from what you know

At the end of this spring, I worked with Becky Bringewatt, a local life coach, and we led a salon, discussing the topic of blogging with other creative and ambitious people at the Denver Woman’s Press Club. It was a fine way for us both to widen our audience.

Becky Bringewatt and I spoke with folks at The Denver Woman’s Press Club about blogging this spring.

It was an engaging undertaking. We met a couple times over the weeks going into the casual event, which strengthened our relationship … and helped us both learn more about our topic.

Choosing a partner

When choosing someone to collaborate with, consider:

1. Quality: Does the work of this person meet or exceed my standards?


2. Timeliness: Is there enough time, and is this the best time, for this collaboration?


3. Energy: Do we both have the energy to back our project and meet our goals?


4. Vision: Do we have shared vision, or is the purpose behind the collaboration complementary?


5. Reliability: Can you count on this person?


At times one trait will not be as strong as the others, and still, the pay off can be worth it.

Be comfortable with your expectations, the action you wish to take, and the amount of support you expect from your collaborator.

Blossom with mentors 

In early April,  I was lucky to see two of my creative efforts come to life, thanks to women in the field of divination and tarot who I truly admire.

One is The Muse Board, a collaboration with Carrie Paris, marrying poetry with divination, or the act of creatively birthing poetry — any creative endeavor you wish to undertake.

The other is a guest blog for Christiana Gaudet about introversion and extroversion, astrology and tarot.

Comment with your recent collaborations, or tell us about who you’d like to work with. Who, living, dead, or fictional, would be your dream to work with?

Thanks for the read, and next time …

If rodents aren’t your cup of tea, the next blog in two weeks may not appeal. It features how rodents make their way into tea readings, through loose leaf in cups as well as Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I hope you’ll comment with your thoughts on mice, rabbits, and more.

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Thanks for the read.

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