Wedding jitters? Get through wedding season with this tarot spread

“With this spread, I thee wed.”

Anyone attending or being in a wedding may find the experience nerve-wracking, exhilarating, and emotional. And more.

This comedic video, which treats wedding season as a premise for a horror flick, is part of my inspiration for creating a tarot spread that I hope helps guests, wedding parties, entertainers and more get through wedding season.

Funnily enough, the result of my trial with the spread has a horror feel to it … Here’s how the five cards look together, when I practiced this reading for myself on May 25, 2015 about my ceremony:

Five cards, one spread for wedding jitters.

The first card:

On the top row, this position addresses Unfinished Business related to the Seeker and the wedding. The Four of Pentacles is reminding me to take care of financial concerns, and to have order and grounding. There are still details to tend to for the big day!


The second card:

This card suggests What to Prepare Before the Wedding. I feel I’m cautioned to accept any illusions and emotions that surround myself as well as the ceremony. It’s within my power to release any illusions, based on the Eight of Swords.


The third card:

The third card offers its Seeker One Item to Wear. I feel encouraged to wear something lose and comfortable and airy (the swords represent air), with the Ten of Swords Inverted.


The fourth card:

This position addresses What to Bring to a wedding or hand fasting. What’s this? Another sword? Oh my! The Five of Swords can have many interpretations, and what I find applicable is the idea of a mature attitude about conflict. The figure in the foreground need not represent a bully, but a peacekeeper, one who maintains proper use of weaponry.


The fifth card:

Here is a suggestion of What to Leave Behind. If I have personal hangups that have made me feel stuck (don’t we all?), The Nine of Swords Inverted seems to express that I need to leave them behind. Or I best do what it takes to maintain good sleep patterns. I also recently read a text from a friend that read, “Do what you need to take care of yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel bad or guilty.” This resonates in this context.


Comment with your advice for couples and/or guests and entertainers before — or after — applicable weddings.

Some of the best advice I’ve received, as a bride planning a backyard wedding, is to accept and feel every emotion as I enter a new stage of my life.

Thanks for the read, and next time …

In another two weeks, expect a blog that looks at one tarot creator’s thoughts on the use of the term psychic, and please share your comments about the use of the word.

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Thanks for the read.

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