Give yourself permission: Have a child-like Good Mornin’ — Your lucky day, reinvention, and hope

Long have gurus and other content folks professed a similar philosophy. It frees their ability to find happiness: Maintain a positive attitude and unattachment to one’s fears and material constructs.

In many ways, the goal is to be childish. To embrace the sun and let many possibilities flow.

The Sun

One illustration of how the dawn brings with it new vigor and fresh hope is in a favorite movie of mine, which I first knew as a child. Singin’ in the Rain.

By letting go and laughing things off, we allow room for reinvention and hope.
We expand our energy when we love, and contract it when we fear.
Hope won’t feel home if you push away.

Indeed, the lesson this film seems to be that trust and good friends can carry you through many difficulties.

When you think about quitting, think about why you started.

Shining light on yourself

The road to one’s true happiness isn’t always smooth. You can navigate it and shed light on your true map through tools like tarot and tea leaf readings. Shine on!

Nothing shines light on the self like two major events coming up for me this summer — a marriage/handfasting ceremony and a move from Colorado to Kentucky.

Please comment with your experiences with such transitions. I’d love to hear from you! How do you keep joyful when there’s so much planning and packing and discarding to do?

I find reading Tarot and tea leaves rewarding because it is an analytical, psychological act. There is often a spiritual element, but the notion of fortune-telling can be a bit faulty, and rather dangerous.

Our fortunes are ours. The Sun has its general energy, and will illuminate what’s there — in one respect, this is what Tarot is like.

During my readings, I often help you uncover some of the life patterns that may be in the way of your lucky days, your hope, your reinvention. And together we’ll find ways to brainstorm, laugh, let go, and make room for good morning after good morning.

I recommend the Trust in Transitions Reading
Hopes and Goals Reading
or Ancestor Reading
as investments in your potential.

Thanks for the read — keep in touch!

Please note: I am going on hiatus until July 20, because I am getting married and moving from Denver, CO to Lexington, KY — big Sun time! … But if you wish to book a reading now until Aug 20, you may take $20 off any reading or service over $40. The coupon code for this is READ20.

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Thanks for the read.

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