You can’t afford to always leap into things: Tea Leaf Reading

Having amassed a collection on Instagram of tea leaf symbols, I’ve started to interpret two at a go.

Comment with your own interpretations — do you see something different or do these symbols tell you another story?

Blogger’s Note: I have a couple milestones approaching this summer — a marriage and a move– and want to refocus my energies, so this blog will now likely post once every other week. Thank you.

This frog and snail, in the saucer, represent work that has been accomplished.

A slower, more cautious element of yourself has seen eye to eye with your wishes to leap and play, to be fertile, and transform.


When the frog and snail are paired with a flag in a cup, a possible interpretation follows:

Take this sense of balance and do not lower your standards. You want to be known for a joyful spirit, but should take time to consider how best to spend all your energy.

Have you ever ignored your snail side to appease your frog side, and maybe ended up eating more flies than you can handle, to extend the metaphor?

Don’t forget that “no” is a suitable answer.

Consider a leap: (I’ll catch you)

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Thanks for the read.

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