Three reasons guest blogging is good for you

I’ve had the honor of working with Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet as a guest blogger. She’s also had me on her Psychic Cafe YouTube show, to discuss tarot poetry and tea leaf readings. We shared some of our tarot poems, so it’s a fun video for poetry month.

My post on her community blog is Shooting for the stars: Introvert? Extrovert? Chart your tarot

I hope you enjoy the read over at the link above!

1) It forces you to plan a different plan

I had long wanted to publish a post here about how a person’s birth chart can indicate their likelihood of being an introvert or an extrovert. When the opportunity to post to a wider audience through Christiana arrived, I knew this was the right piece.

What you may blog for another blogger may be just off your beaten path. Each blog will have its own purpose.


2) It makes you learn — and share– new things

You may want to be more personal on another person’s blog, to dip your toe into that water, if you haven’t on your own blog.

An anecdote I revealed on Christiana’s blog:

I was rather introverted as a young gal, and kids were cruel … I worked hard to open up to others and befriend everyone I could, to avoid feeling like an outsider.

I also challenged myself in my guest blog, learning something new about tarot — see the next reason to become a guest blogger.


3) You can experiment with cross-disciplines

Astrolabe has long been my go-to for quick, free birth charts.

I wanted to show how Tarot correlates to astrological birth charts, and where better to start than my birth chart? But I had a ton of research to do to pull this blog post off: I’ve been interested in astrology since very small, but don’t have the chops of many to blog at length about it.

I gathered sources like the 36 Decans illustrated in resources such as Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen. Amelia Quint inspired the bulk of these cards.


Writing about astrology with tarot expanded my understanding of both topics. I feel more aware when someone mentions the significance of different planets, for example.


The MoonSexyTarotMucha
The Moon in Tarot Mucha is a favorite rendition of the card.


Writing for another blog could open you to thinking of your subject in a new way. I looked at tarot cards and how they speak to one another in a new light when I wrote for Christiana.

I provide an exercise near the end of the guest blog for folks who know a little about astrology and tarot and want to further play with and ponder their charts or the charts of others.

Thanks for the read — keep in touch!

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Thanks for the read.

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