Break out the dice! The Muse Board celebrates National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? Introducing  The Muse Board, a new tool for creative folks and diviners alike. Carrie Paris and I created it to join divination and poetics.

The Muse Board
To download this casting sheet for your casting charms, runes, gems, or more, and for details on how to use it, visit

Got gem stones? Runes? Casting charms? Little toys? You can download The Muse Board and learn the details on how to use it here. I also have a special way of using the casting sheet that you can try yourself, explained in the above link. Please share The Muse Board, use it in good health, and share anything and everything you love that it inspires!

I also show this creation in my Poetry and The Muse Board video. If you’d like to hear a poem on The Empress from Tarot in Culture, that’s in here, too:

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