The fatal flaw you may make when it comes to interpreting your environment

Arguably, Tarot and tea leaf reading skills are similar to those used to interpret the world around you. Much of it is an awareness of color, shape, and the meaning and history of traditional symbols. A good portion of it is a knack for understanding human nature and the ability to respond kindly but objectively to your life patterns/personality and those of others.

The rest is trust and experience.

Have trust or fail trying

I’m sure you already have what it takes to rock as a tea‬ leaf reader.

Half of it’s instinctual (I often liken the act of tea leaf reading to cloud gazing, as I did in this video and this interview with The Daily Tarot Girl)

Here’s my video showing you why and giving you confidence on how to start or refresh yourself — You know your ‪‎symbols‬ — It’s just a matter of practice and trust.

Anything worth learning or doing takes some time. Give yourself patience.

Learn in person

I’d love to help you read your tea leaves over Skype

But you may also interact with me as a tea leaf reading student.

Trust yourself to read the symbols in your world. It's a beautiful literacy.
Trust yourself to read the symbols in your world. It’s a beautiful literacy.

Saturday in the Denver area, I’m leading a Tea Leaf Reading Class:

What: Help enhance your intuitive abilities.

This class introduces tea leaf reading, featuring common tea symbols that appear in tea leaves.
Bring your own round-bottom cup and host Tabitha Dial will help you interpret tea provided in class.

When: Sat, March 28 from 10:30-12:30

Where: Isis Books and Gifts, 2775 S Broadway, Englewood

Cost: $25

Contact Tabitha at or 720 422 5633


Thanks for the read — keep in touch!

Drop by my Etsy shop anytime. I offer many readings, including several that can be done either with Tarot or tea. You may easily contact me there with any questions, or the email above.

Book a Skype tea leaf reading by April 10 and use coupon code LOVE10 to get a ten percent discount.

For more info about Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings, please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for the read.


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