How to grow into your future while honoring your ancestors

Who we come from

It has been fifteen years since the second of my two grandfathers passed away. About five since both my grandmothers died rather suddenly, a few months apart from one another.

The women had the fortune of fostering a friendship: They enjoyed meeting regularly at a restaurant in my hometown, where they would discuss, among other things, one of their favorite topics — their grandchildren.

Though the physical connection to our ancestors may seem gone, their lessons and memories can still sustain us.

Memories as fertile soil

The connection between land and legacy is a rich, old one.

I associate gardens with my grandparents, particularly. My paternal grandfather grew cucumbers and distinctly-flavored radishes, and more, and my other set of grandparents bought his produce long before my parents began to date.

My grandmother kept roses and peonies and gave us bulbs that blossomed into purple iris that smelled like grapes.

It may never be simple or easy to lose a loved one, but with some reflection, you can relocate yourself in the space of memory. And in those moments, you may find a way to honor your ancestors: with radishes and roses.


An Ancestor Work Tarot Reading, available on Etsy, seeks to help you foster your growth while recognizing your ancestors.




What ideas and attitudes so you tend, and how may you work with your ancestors to cultivate your efforts?

I offer a practical tarot or tea leaf reading that considers these questions.  It also looks at what your reward may be for this work as it ripens, and any hidden gems — or weeds — in your own garden.

Please note that opening your mind and heart to messages from my readings may help you feel connected to those who have died, but I hold no degree in counseling and do not use Tarot, tea leaves or any other tool to communicate with the dead.

I feel my readings can help in the grieving process and generate new growth.

Ready to grow or work on grieving?

I’d love to do your Ancestor Work Tarot or Tea Leaf Reading. Act by March 28 and use coupon code LOVE10 to get a ten percent discount.

Drop by my  Etsy shop anytime. I offer many readings, including several that can be done either with Tarot or tea.

For more info about Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings, please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for the read.


2 thoughts on “How to grow into your future while honoring your ancestors

  1. Hi, I do tarot readings my self for 11 years now but tea leaft is something very new to me! I think you are actually the first person I found who those this type of readings, the idea is beautiful and eprhaps am interested in trying it out one day 🙂 Warm regards from Vienna (Austria) Kartenlegen Wien

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my blog. That means a lot.

      I love reading both tarot and tea and hope the cards continue to give you guidance.

      Keep an eye on my blog, if you would — I will soon be posting more about how to read tea leaves. I’m including a few videos. You can find me on YouTube at Tabitha Dial.

      Vienna is amazing! I visited a handful of years ago. So pretty.

      Best of luck to you.

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