How Hip-Hop samples make writers and Tarot readers slammin’

Let’s kick it!

Whether you write, or interpret cards or other symbols in the world around you, the history of hip-hop isn’t far removed from your work.

Samples in music:  presents a fun video on the history of hip-hop sampling.

This discipline has value. And it isn’t far removed from other crafts, like writing, and practicing Tarot and tea leaf readings. We gather information from earlier sources, and our inspiration comes from formative moments in our lives.

Check out the hook …

Without knowing it, prior works become more than our framework, but also part of our fabric.

Our experiences shape how we piece together stories. These stories may be purely verbal, or done seemingly off-the-cuff in everyday conversations in person or via technology. But we riff and sample all the time.

We borrow. Constantly.


Honor the past. But make your words your own.

Free event: “Finding your Blog Niche”

Open the door to the blogger’s world with Tabitha Dial and guest Becky Bringewatt, a personal coach whose blog is followed regularly by over 2000 readers.

This salon will summarize the basics of starting a blog, how and where you can gather and utilize content, and much more.

Ease into the art of blogging or learn something new — experienced bloggers are welcome to join the discussion.

When: Sun, March 15 from 3-5 PM

Where: Denver Woman’s Press Club, 1325 Logan Street, Denver

Cost: Free


Blog away, friends

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Thanks for the read.


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