Going where no reading has gone before

It’s difficult to believe that it was only about 13 months ago when I first posted this blog. And now a hero to many, Leonard Nimoy, has passed. Here is a re-posting of my “Live Long and Prosper” reading for the actor known as Mr. Spock. If interested, I now have a few readings inspired by Star Trek on my Etsy shop, at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotandTeaReadings — Thanks for the read.

Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings

A couple days before Leonard Nimoy revealed he is suffering from COPD, I felt inspired to appeal to my inner Trekkie as a Tarot reader. It’s hard to fathom that the year I began to investigate Tarot, 1997, is also 31 years after Mr. Spock came to tv.

I send my best wishes to Mr. Nimoy, his family, friends and fellow followers. In his honor, here’s an interpretation of his life at present, via Tarot.

The Trekkie (“Live Long and Prosper!”) Spread:


5      1       2     6

           4         7


Card 1: Inner/Spiritual/Psychological life:

The Queen of Wands. Contemplation of life’s labor. Recognition of how life has been nurtured: what has grounded and helped maintain well-being.

Card 2: Everyday life:

The Tower Inverted. Private life is now public. Mr. Nimoy’s emotions about his health…

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