Like graffiti, tea, and parties? This blog’s for you

Fortune smiles

I’ve been lucky to read tea leaves at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures in Fort Collins, Colorado a handful of times since their fifth anniversary last October.

Not only do they have a Great Wall of Tea and phenomenal staff and a lovely selection of tea-related products such as tea sets and strainers, they steep their goods with a mind toward charity. Their motto?

“Come visit. We’re serving up world change.”

You can read more about them here.

Creativity encouraged

The public bathroom at this teahouse is a sight. A fun sight, not a ghastly one. The walls are purposely designed to house positive and creative quotes and illustrations from its visitors.

Maps are hidden all over the walls, and I’ve taken several shots of the graffiti I’ve found, having shared my collection on Instagram.

A favorite:

“Why have we been calling it a tea party when we can easily call it a par-tea?”

Readings available

Not only would I love to help you interpret your tea leaves via Skype, I’m back at Happy Lucky’s on Sat, March 7:

Ten minute tea readings

Enjoy wonderful teas and warm up with a reading.

Invite friends and family and compare notes on impressions of what your own cups hold.

No specific questions required. Everyone welcome.

Limited slots are available. You may sign up beforehand for a ten minute reading with Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures.

RSVP to Happy Lucky’s at (970) 689-3417

When:  Noon-6 PM on Sat, March 7

Where: Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures, 236 Walnut Street, Fort Collins

Cost:  Tea leaf readings are $15 for 10 minutes



Party on!

You are invited to my  Etsy shop, where you can get 10% any reading or service with the coupon code LOVE10.

For more info about Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings, please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter.

You may also choose:
various tea leaf readings
readings that can be done either with Tarot or tea.

Thanks for the read.


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