Love may patiently play on repeat: Reflections of well-being and worth

Romance on repeat

When the powers that wish to woo are especially willful … a rush of synchronicity may rock your world.

A young lady who received a reading from me about her love life seemed to have quite a bit of clear, even insistent news that her love wasn’t that far away.

The handle of this cup, which represents her responsibility, is almost perfectly at the bottom middle of this photo.


The large number two, underlined by leaves, as if to emphasize the concept of union or duplicity, is in the house of Libra. You may know that Libra is concerned with matters of balance, equality (perfect! equal partnerships!) and marriage.

And what’s underneath this large two? A swan. This bird is often associated with love and dedication.

It is a joy to see swans in tea leaf readings. I often  interpret them as signs of dedication.

Is love in the cards?

This  tea leaf reading prompted me to speak to my client about a favorite card in the Chrysalis Tarot:

Two MirrorsBW (1)

I feel it was important to emphasize the mirrors, which Toney Brooks talks about in his companion booklet for this deck. In relationships, we reflect the other person, and they reflect us.

WHEN will you be my Valentine?

I recall this client was anxious to know when love would embrace her again.

It’s not unusual to want a timeline for events, especially when you’re eager for an outcome.

I used a common device for telling time in the cup, and wish I had also prompted her to think, for herself, about how she has been preparing for love, and what she might project into the mirror of her next romantic partner.

May harmony be yours, with or without another. Embody a reflection that is genuine and brings well-being and support to the relationship itself.


Fill your lovin’ cup!

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Thanks for the read.

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