Roses and tea readings and romance

At some point, we all wanna know more about our love lives

Love symbols certainly can abound in tea readings.  It makes solid psychological sense — we’re looking for answers, and our hearts often lead in asking the questions. Taking a peak into one’s romantic life is a primary reason folks get intuitive readings or seek out their horoscope or look into how their astrological birth chart works with a love interest.

Like so many symbols in tea leaves and Tarot, many may merely hint at the complexity of romantic situations.

At a psychic fair I did last summer, I encountered one client who had complications in her love life, and clear signs that she was a subject of romantic interest.

A rose has been a sign of love for a long time.
A rose has been a sign of love since at least Victorian times.

While roses have long symbolized love, there are a few noteworthy details here: This rose shows a couple distinct thorns on the lower side of its stem, and perhaps another two on the upper side of its stem.

Straddling the yellow and pink sections of the sheet below the cup are three smaller dots that form a triangle. It points down. This almost looks like a face, with a fourth leaf present. “Authority” and “Publishing” happen to be words near the top two dots, to help you find the triangle.

The fourth leaf is significant, as the triangle indicates my client’s romantic conflict (a triangle can indicate a love triangle), but she was in fact interested in three men at the time of the reading, thus, the three men, and the fourth leaf just below.

While the dominant symbol is the rose, complete with a pretty yellow-red blossom, clues of confusion are nearby. Even the rose is thorny — and I’ve seen a couple other roses in readings, too. None were as clear as this one, and though I’ve kept reading, I haven’t seen another rose this complete.

I hope all has worked out for my client and everyone involved.

What about YOUR love life?

Everyone’s reading is different. And I hope to read for you.

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Thanks for the read.

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