Featured Poet: Alison Stone

This stunning, moving, and clear guest blog shares Alison Stone’s journey working with creating Tarot and using it for healing work and writing poetry. If you struggle with divination, want a blog that must be savored word for word, or are curious about Tarot or poetry, do give this a read! /applause

Tarot Poetry

Editor’s note: this year, I am featuring a different poet from the anthology each month. For February, Alison Stone shares some of her experiences with Tarot-inspired painting, poetry, and community. Without further ado, I turn the blog over to her.

Tarot, Poetry, and MeAlison Stone

by Alison Stone

I was introduced to the tarot in childhood, when a friend gave me a “tarot game” for my ninth or tenth birthday. Manufactured by one of the leading toy companies, it came in a bright purple box and contained a tarot deck, some poker chips, and instructions for both playing the game and using the cards for divination.

I was fascinated with the images and the idea that these cards could tell the future. Abandoning the game after a couple half-hearted attempts, I turned my energy to memorizing the cards’ meanings and their placement in the Celtic cross. The cards were Rider-Waite outlines…

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