Valentines to celebrate Darwin, dinosaurs, your inner geek, more

“‘RAWR!’ is dinosaur for ‘I love you,'”, or so goes the common internet meme.

And with a bit of creativity, your dino-loving dude may find reason to adore you beyond the time of homo-sapiens.

Pinterest is full of fun ideas, such as a pin which inspired this Valentine below. Another version is in this online gallery of Ten cheeky Valentines:

This clever idea for a Valentine comes from Pinterest.
This clever idea for a Valentine comes from Pinterest.

Other cool gift ideas that drew my attention on Pinterest include:

1. Dungeons & Dragons chocolates (from this list of gifts for geeks)

2. Minecraft and Star Wars (think Pixie-Stix-turned-lightsabers!) Do-It-Yourself Valentines

3.Fortune cookies made from fruit roll up

4. Twelve elemental Valentines that have love down to a science

5. And what’s ANY holiday without puns? No holiday I wanna be a part of!

There’s plenty more at my Pinterest Board. Check it out and please, share your pins with me, too.

If all these ideas for telling your sweetie how you feel appeal to you, then a Dino-Evolution Prediction may be just right for you! It combines animal runes with dino interpretations for a custom experience designed to help you understand your weaknesses and your strengths. Evolve into a better you.

20150123_093142 (1)



Fill your lovin’ cup!

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, I invite you to my  Etsy shop, where you can get 10% off any reading or service with the coupon code LOVE10.

Etsy COUPON for Valentine's Day

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Thanks for the read.


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