Never Tarot and Drive: Public Service Announcement

I grew up with a variety of Public Service Announcements on television, one of the most memorable being “This is Your Brain on Drugs”  …. (And I DO have questions, like, did he use butter or margarine, can you leave bacon off of my plate, and am I insensitive?)

Since learning about Vine, the desire to produce a Public Service Announcement with a Tarot theme has been strong. Enter Instagram (and please, come visit me for some Tarot and tea leaves and more).

The first video is rather cautionary: Never Tarot and Drive

The Hierophant wants you to be mindful and understand the rules of society ….

The Hierophant’s favorite number may be three …

I’ve posted a total of three Public Service Announcements and endeavor to do one a week.

Here are the other two:

Connection and honor: Share with ancestors in times of  abundance and celebration. Pour libations on the homeland.

Keep it real: Cut through BS. Others can smell it.

These PSAs are brought to you by Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings by Tabitha.

If you’d care to continue to go where no reading has gone before with me, please visit my website. I also have a newsletter and an Etsy shop, where you may help yourself to some complimentary imaginary tea, sometimes with a Tarot or tea leaf reading at a nominal fee.

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