Tarot Deck Review: Wickwillow Tarot

Tarot always offers something new. Sometimes a client strolls up to your table at a party or fair and broadly grins because they know Tarot well, because “Mom read the cards”, or what have you.

That’s when it’s fun — often helpful and exciting — to bring out a colorful deck they’ve had little chance of knowing about.

One such deck is The Wickwillow Tarot by Hal Weeks.

The Eight of Swords from the Wickwillow Tarot, by Hal Weeks
The Eight of Swords from the Wickwillow Tarot, by Hal Weeks
I’ve had The Wickwillow Tarot for a few months and here is an excerpt from my review of it. You can read my full review at Aeclectic Tarot.

The Wickwillow Tarot fits comfortably in the palm. Its images resemble stained glass or mandalas, giving it a clear potential as a meditation tool. This Tarot radiates intent, and has a few unique features — Hal Weeks designated the Knights as Heroes and instead of Pages, he has brought Princesses to the court, like other designers before him.

This beautiful deck has details that make it a great addition to any Tarot collection, like those on The Fool, who enters the mouth of a great snake, Balance, (Justice), who belly dances under scales, and the Five of Cups, with its bubbly concoction.

My favorite cards in this Tarot deck include Death, The Fool, The Empress, and the Four of Wands.If you’d like a reading using this deck, let me know at my Etsy shop, where I offer Tarot and tea leaf readings. I also have a newsletter and a website if you’d like to stay in the loop.

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