Featured Poet: Enrique Enriquez

Great advice here for poets and for Tarot readers … Go Tarot poets! “By looking at tarot cards we gamble. We know that they are going to mess with our heads, without any guarantee about the outcome.”

Tarot Poetry

Welcome to 2015! This year, I will be featuring one poet a month here on the blog. My first featured contributor is Enrique Enriquez, who generously agreed to answer some questions about Tarot and poetry.

Marjorie Jensen: What does your process for writing Tarot poetry look like? How is it similar to writing a Tarot reading?

Ee-gray-wallEnrique Enriquez: When the reader of a book reads the word ‘apple’, he fills that word with all the apples he has eaten. When a tarot reader looks at an apple he sees it as the crossing of a horizontal axis in which another apple became a seed, that seed became a tree, the tree gave us our apple, that in turn will dry down to its own seeds… and a vertical axis in which the Law of Gravity echoes the Fall of man. What if we could read a word as one reads…

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