Your Twelve Days of Christmas: Omen Tradition

Christmas has passed, but magic lingers in the air. It’s a fortuitous time to pay attention.

The Tarot Lady recently shared a blog by Briana Saussy that inspired me to pursue a new practice in the days after Christmas. I recommend you read it for details on why I’m now writing down an omen a day for the next 12 days.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this fun exercise in re-imagining your identity and your world.

Omen one: When I came home from my Christmas family celebrations, I opened my bag of cinnamon bears. I often wait until days, even weeks have passed, but tonight I pulled my first bear since the last bag (always a gift from my parents), and lo and behold!


Symbolic of a mama bear and her cub. This will represent Jan 1. The birth of a new, chewy and sweet year? Noted.

Bonus omen: I shared a different picture of this yummy emblem with friends via text and thought about making this blog. Then I found another something special to include when I jaunted over to Christiana Gaudet’s Tarot Topics.

This interview by James Wells with Carrie Paris not only paints a lovely picture of why she became a diviner, but how we can use our every day world to activate our psyche/soul each day by divining our world.

Based on this photo, this post looked like a humble snack of holiday treat omen tradition. But no … the Universe insisted the 12 days of Christmas tradition blog turned into a quick sampling of Tarot experts and ideas to fire up 2015.

Nourish your intuition. Enjoy the synchronicity of your days and your nights!

Thanks for the read.

For more information about my pursuits as a Tarot and tea leaf reader, poet, and author, please visit my website. I also have a newsletter and an Etsy shop, where you may help yourself to some complimentary imaginary tea, sometimes with a Tarot or tea leaf reading at a nominal fee.

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