Beyond cup and saucer: Leaves on the cloth during tea readings

At a tea leaf reading I did for a client who herself works in the metaphysical realm, magic must have been in the air. An inexplicable constellation of leaves appeared on the paper towel I use under each reading … It looks like the big dipper, or a ballerina shoe.


I’d never known tea to make it to the outside of the cup and saucer itself, which is the main focus of traditional tea leaf readings.

Myself and the client were not clear as to when and how the leaves were transferred near the lower left corner of the paper towel, but there they were. Since I make it a point to pour the tea kettle using my left hand (my non-dominant or “intuitive” hand, and from the side of the heart), the leaves themselves probably resonate from a similar spirit of gut instinct and the emotions.

During this reading for Sherry Shone, I also saw a leaf fall from the cup while I was preparing the tea and speaking of my grandmother, who inspired my journey of tea leaf reading.

Something similar happened weeks later, when I read for another client, writer Dan Mazanares, who helped facilitate an evening I spent at Lighthouse Writers in Denver. You can visit  the Lighthouse home page to see how they enrich the local writing community.

Because both of these clients also advocate my work as a Tarot and tea leaf reader, maybe the “leaf jump” was a special nudge of thanks from the universe.

 Anything’s possible.

Thanks for the read.

I’d love to read for you. Please visit my website for information on my events, publications, and to book a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading.


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