Yearly Forecast using Chrsyalis Tarot for Sacred Clothing Designer

I met Sacred Clothing Designer Sumeria this summer, when she was showing off her enchanting handcrafted clothing wares on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.

She agreed to let me use her as the subject of a Yearly Forecast for her business — You can find her Facebook page here.

I start with two keystone cards. One represents Sumeria’s business . Another is a card that embodies what the business represents in 2015. The Chrysalis Tarot  (by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra) is my deck of choice for this reading. I am now introducing this email-only reading as one of my services at my store.



Sumeria’s first two Chrysalis Tarot cards are the  Two of Scrolls (what the business represents) and Psyche (the overall impression/lesson of 2015).

Psyche is about transformation towards your highest calling … she is both perfection and a reminder to not feel stuck in absolutes: Expect to feel great success and yet, do not forget to grow and adapt as needed.


The Two of Scrolls –trust your instincts when it comes to difficult decisions. Let imagination assist you rather than distract you.

Capricorn/Jan: Sun –Your highest potential is that you can see your plans to their successful conclusions with the energy of the sun and come into enlightenment. Do not neglect the beauty of your life and life work in favor of materialism.

Aquarius/Feb: Two of Mirrors – Your partnerships and strong unions are very special, and you relate to the world in a healthy way. The mirrors on the necks of the swans are a reminder to reflect positive behavior. Mutual respect and loyalty are themes of this month, and a new romance may appear in your private life.

Pisces/March: Ace of Mirrors – A new project and creative energy are represented in this card. Your feelings about your work will be refreshed, and here again could be hints of a budding romantic relationship.



Aries/April: The Pilgrim – Positive changes will take place in your business. You may leave a place, a means of conducting business, or a way of thinking about your business behind, if only for awhile, and the decision brings inner peace. Maybe you get away for yourself during this month.

Taurus/May: Four of Scrolls – This month will remind you of the value of healing and rebooting. Give yourself alone time to map out your future and put aside the past. “(D)raw your energies close so you may experience inner peace and tranquility during this time of healing and acceptance.”

Gemini/June: Elpi – Express your destiny. Elpi is another name for hope, and the four horses who symbolize the four winds, are accompanying you on your powerful journey. Imagine your work “bathed in hopeful starlight.” A time for hope and to embody hope.

Cancer/July: Four of Mirrors – Be careful not to sabotage the relationships created through your work, especially when they may impact your home situation. Are you neglecting your home life? Nurture kindness in all aspects of your life.

Leo/August: Bella Rosa – Your creativity and fortune are somewhat dependent on the mask worn as an artiste of fabrics. Be yourself, but understand there is good in leaving behind unhealthy habits and material obsessions. Something significant wants to be reborn this month.

bella rosa

Virgo/September: Herne the Hunter – Your overall health and your occupation will open you to higher awareness and your will power will see you through any of the challenges you have come across so far this year and in the future. This is a very good placement for this card.

Libra/October: Ten of Stones – Balance your priorities when it comes to labor and wealth. Again, your relationships may feel strained because of the importance of your work. With stability comes personal and professional success.

Scorpio/November: Sorceress – You are on the right track and work magic with the seen and unseen. Other people work well with you. It feels you can nurture yourself and you stir with productivity. Other people may keep you busy with purchases, like the curious ravens who visit the sorceress Morgan Le Fay’s cauldron to give your life and business a sense of magical synchronicity.

images (1)

Sagittarius/December: The Poet – The Spiritual side of your business is vibrant with self-reflection and expression. Love the moment, and scour the subterranean side of what your business – and life – have to offer. If the sorceress last month testifies to your ability to work with the seen and unseen, here is a reminder to find spiritual stability and allow yourself to reflect. The beautiful fabrics on The Poet seem to recognize your vocation.

These Yearly Forecast readings are available via email-only so you can have a copy to reference as the calendar progresses.

With 14 cards, this reading is valued at $70 but I am offering it now for $55. You can order yours here at my Etsy shop.

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Thanks for the read.


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