Equestria Tarot, My Little Dream Catcher and unicorns in tea cups

I’ve long wanted to fully out myself as a Pegasister (a fan of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”) since I started this blog. Here’s a perfect occasion: A campaign for the Equestria Tarot has just started on kickstarter.

And if you’re here because you love “My Little Pony”, I hope you’ll read on — there’s a special treat at the end for you.

There are a few dream catchers at SpiritWays in Denver, where I read every Wednesday and by appointment.

This dream catcher, with dark horse hair, caught my eyes. The blue beads with rainbowy accent beads brought something to my mind … and those feathers …





The dream catcher seems to have a touch of My Little Pony spirit. It doesn’t need a colorful lightning bolt or blue features to remind me of Rainbow Dash, pictured below.


I grew up with My Little Pony, but the current generation of the cartoon is arguably more advanced. The storytelling is rewarding, giving guidance on how to navigate awkward social situations, and there’s even an adorable song on how to overcome your fears, sung by my favorite character, Pinkie Pie.

The characters have quite some depth — in one episode, Rainbow Dash finally decides she likes to read books when she is injured and kept from her favorite activity, flying. And it was her bookworm unicorn friend, Twilight Sparkle, who convinced her to read about the adventurous Daring Do.

I recently did readings for Happy Lucky’s Teahouse in Fort Collins, CO, where one of my clients had a cup of tea that certainly seemed to have a unicorn in it.


The S in front of the unicorn is yet to be fully deciphered, but the unicorn seems to have graceful legs and a wild tail. The tail seemed to symbolize her creativity — wild and asking for acknowledgment. Below the hind leg of this mythic creature is a large X, a crossroads or a mark indicating treasure on a treasure map.

Themes from our childhoods speak to us in adulthood as well. Our true natures and our strengths need not be as allusive as the unicorn.

Now, about that special treat: Sign up for my newsletter by Oct 31 as a “My Little Pony” fan, and let me know if you see any online service valued at $35 or more at my store –Tell me what you’d like and  I can arrange to read over the phone, via email or Skype or  in person in Denver and will book your reading at $5 off. This offer will expire December 31, but it can be applied to a new Yearly Forecast reading via email that will feature 14 cards. I plan to blog about that, and add it to my store, next week.

Thanks for the read.


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