Tea leaf reading overview … and the teas I offer

Tea leaf reading is many things. Entertainment. A means of developing intuitive and imaginative sight and camaraderie with the wide array of clients one may come across.

It’s even a sort of therapy — just the process of slowing down for the tea to steep, the leaves to unfold.

Often it accesses current mindsets and challenges.

“Psychologists remind us that past behavior is usually the best predictor of future behavior. Images formed by the leaves give a good idea of what is likely to occur if the inquirer follows typical behavior patterns. When the predicted outcome is unsatisfactory, the person can always do something to break the chain of events and change the future. In other words, forewarned is forearmed. This is why people go for readings of any kind, from astrology charts to tarot.” — Caroline Dow, Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners

I have blogged about my foundation in tea leaf reading and how I was inspired to read tea by my grandmother.

 find it help to work with an astrological chart during many tea leaf readings, and you can look at two examples in these blogs:

A conversation with a cup: Capricorn/Aquarius’s zodiac sign tea leaf reading

A zodiac tea leaf reading for a new Tarot deck by Erik C. Dunne
I have eight teas I regularly read from:


Blossoms — ideal for questions about love, romance and friendship

Darjeeling — a traditional Indian tea I enjoy for its “harmonious/intellectual” answers (tea attributed to Aquarius)

Enchanted Forest — fun for whimsical questions, for folks invested in their imaginations

Gunpowder — these leaves unfold nicely for quick or one-question readings

Russian Caravan — a black tea blend that I find useful for “practical” readings, or ones needing “defined” answers

Ti Kuan Yin/Iron Goddess of Mercy — for readings involving grief, mercy, mourning

Yellow Meadow — simple, bright, undaunting

Sometimes I can read from Blood Orange — lovely for career-focused readings (but double the usual steeping time) and Green Monkey — who could resist the clever fun of the green monkey?

Curious about getting your own reading? Let me read for you. Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings by Tabitha on Square lists my services, and please like  my facebook page.

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Thanks for the read.





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