Translating the mundane into the personal: Tasseomancy

The following is an excerpt from a Lightworkers Giveaway that I took part in. I offered my free packet called Tea Leaf Readings: Examples of empowerment, healing and play.

Coffee grounds and wine sediments are traditional sources for tasseomancy.

With some practice, your ability to transpose patterns into shapes with stories or symbols to share can make drywall or marble more compelling.

Here’s a design that appeared in the bottom of a box of burrata (tubs of creamy mozzarella, essentially) that I stocked during my other job recently.  It can start its own conversation – is it more than a thunderbird?


One can find shapes anywhere — the following are a couple pictures of pepper jack cheese. When starting out as a tasseomancer, one is best advised to first look for letters and numbers and geometric shapes.

I feel there is a snake rising from a basket in the lower portion, a star in the middle, and a triangle in the upper section here:



This less complicated picture seems to reveal a crown or an anvil:


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Thanks for the read.



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