Bring forth your awesome — in your own words and through a reading

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Inspired by Twenty Awesome Things to Say that Will Radically Improve your Life, I would like to focus on how awesome you are, what your potential is and how you can improve your life.

Let’s do this by reading Tarot and/or tea leaves together. Whether over the phone, via email or Skype or in person, tea leaves will help draw out symbols special to you and your journey and reinforce patterns that can make or break you. We’ll focus on what makes you spectacular — I tend to do this naturally.

Be kind and remind me that you’re looking for a reading to improve and empower yourself. Book any of my readings and we’ll charge up your batteries with your own amazing self!

Please check out my website for my events, adventures, testimonials and more. If you’d like to review me or see what others have said about my services, visit my listing at

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Thanks for the read.


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