Twins and mirrors in a tea cup

Who else remembers that incessant advertising campaign from Coors?

Twins were made to be quite the rage, and in a particular tea leaf reading I recently did, twin patterns were more than once clear.

The reading was unique because only two leaves remained in the cup, thanks to a happy mistake (or felix culpa) on my part. I’d left too much water in the cup before the client inverted it into the saucer. Usually a teaspoon or so is sufficient for a client to swirl the cup before turning it over.

Two leaves remained in my secondary cup (where I put the water used to steep the tea), floating on top of the water. Drinking the tea is not part of my current reading ritual.

Two leaves settled in both cups. Both ended up in practically the same positions.



A lot of unique duplicity to ponder. I wish I had expanded our session into a discussion about astrology, as my own chart is full of twos: I am a Pisces, on the cusp of Aquarius with Gemini rising and Gemini moon.

Sometimes correlations come later, and thankfully this particular client and I are in regular touch, and I will be sharing this post with her, so our next cup of tea may be a casual one with an astrological conversation mixed in.

Instead, I spoke to her of mirrors, of how her work reflects upon others …

My client, I confess, is a bit of a superstar in the local metaphysics scene, so I’ll state that my eagerness to impress resulted in my overly watered tea cup faux pas. As a tribute to her shiny spirit and ambition to not only improve her own life through her knowledge of divination, but also to foster the development of healers, readers and spiritually-minded vendors in Denver, I am including this very cool quote:



Thanks for the read.

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