Achieve your goals … in the time it takes to cook asparagus

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no, your dreams won’t come true velocius quam asparagi coquantur (“faster than you can cook asparagus” in Latin — check out 19 other great phrases in Latin from Mentalfloss), but if you set aside time each day, even every other day, to work toward your goals, great things are bound to happen.


Others will believe in those dreams. They will take note of your discipline. You can create friends, support and encouragement who will inspire, and maybe be inspired by you. Keep working, and you will teach yourself new ways to fuel your persistent action.

Or maybe that won’t happen! Maybe your first trial and error runs toward your lofty goals weren’t spot-on. And you’ll have to adjust your approach, or how you ask to see success.

Either way, you learn. Either way, you know you put forth effort rather than simply hoped.

In an NPR TED Radio Hour, Tony Robbins spoke about success and drive. “Emotion is the force of life” … and “decision is the ultimate power” are two of his initial quotes in this monologue and interview. To listen to a more complete collection of vignettes on NPR, click here.

One of my favorite things Tony says? That we are in charge of our story. Our past does not determine our future. I believe this is true of Tarot and tea leaf readings. Both help illustrate the patterns of your past, and only point towards a possible outcome.

Your story? Your decisions? Are they what you want? Do they follow your soul’s purpose?

If you would like to book a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading, I’d love to either focus on your goals with you or do a simple overview. You can book a timed reading here or a specific Tarot reading around your goals here.

You can learn more about me and my upcoming events at

Thanks for the read.


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