Happy (Belated) Father’s Day: And a a nod to the courage of autism



Oh my! So many things happening in Tarot and tea leaf reading world that I didn’t polish up this post and prepare it for launch in time for Father’s Day.

Regardless, I hope your relationships with your parents and your children, where appropriate, are very fulfilling.

My to-be husband recently watched this video about an autistic young woman and author named Carly. It is inspirational and touches on the importance of developing a relationship between father and child. I also like very much how Carly’s ability to use a keyboard opened many doors for her, and helped her show what her mind can really do.

If you would enjoy a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading, please let me know.  We can see what doors may lie ahead of you. Or we can re-examine how your parent, like the crocodile above, supports you or wants to support you, or generate creative approaches towards how you may support yourself or others.

You can learn more about my services on the About page of this blog, on facebook, or on Square.

Thanks for the read.


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