Bipolar disorder may be summarized in Tarot

Though a good argument could be made for various cards to represent the mania and depression of bipolar disorder, two appeared in a recent reading. They clearly designated, for the client, the euphoria and the dark of this behavioral illness.

These are the Ten of Summer and the Four of Winter from the Victorian Fairy Tarot



The Ten of Summer inverted indicates the high state of mania. Everything is possible, everything is love … but then reality cracks, as my client said.

The Four of Winter shows the withdrawal and isolation of depression.

Other cards presented themselves, to show a wider scope of her situation:




The Fairy Bride indicates harmony, self-love, the “hope of eternal love … not to be taken lightly” (Lunaea Weatherstone, in The Victorian Fairy Companion). Able now to write this and research the cards further, I interpret this as a reminder that bipolar is not a temporary illness, but a lifelong one that requires medications and healthy lifestyle choices.

The Hanging Fairy ends this series (these are the final four cards in that old trope of Tarot reading, the Celtic Cross): technically considered the “possible outcome” of this snapshot in time. Much is said in few words about The Hanging Fairy in the companion book, but the final sentence says it best. “He will never look at life the same way as before.”

If facing bipolar disorder yourself, or if a loved one has been diagnosed, a great resource is Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder. It is reassuring, clear, practical and helpful for parents, family and friends.

And don’t forget, please: Tarot and tea leaf readers are not psychotherapists! Recently Tarot Vignettes covered the topic of seeing a doctor for important health concerns, as seen here:



If you want to see what ideas Tarot or tea leaves may offer you regarding your own sense of well-being, I would love to read for you. Please see my website for information on my services. Or find Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings by Tabitha on Etsy.

Thanks for the read.



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