Never take no for an answer: Tarot reading specials for July 4th

You may feel restricted in parts of your life, but with the proper mentality, you can break away from those bonds.

Or at least make a bold, spirited personal effort.


Sometimes a creative approach is all you need to get you through a tough situation.

I have a four-card “freedom spread” that helps illustrate how one might look at their difficulties in a new light using Tarot. The spread was inspired by the Fourth of July last year. I studied that free-spirited card, The Fool, which, in the Rider-Waite-Smith version I was first introduced to, has a small and lively dog on it. He’s not unlike the fellow above, in fact.

The Fool (1)


If you’d like a four-card Freedom Reading, please let me know. It is $40 for four cards via email, or you can see me in person for $1 per minute. I am offering the Freedom Reading Skype special from now til July 15 for $45 — I normally ask $65 on Skype for one hour, but let’s give a shorter reading (up to a half hour) a whirl this summer!

You can learn more about how to contact me on my facebook page or on Square.

Also, if you are in Denver, there’s still time to come to my Tarot Haiku workshop featuring the Victorian Fairy Tarot.

Thanks for the read.


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