Finding peace in relationships is a few cards away

I recently saw a client who wanted to understand why she felt controlled by family members.  She wanted control over her life again.

It wasn’t until after discussing much of her reading that it became more clear that she wanted some revenge.



That desire for her family to hurt is clear with the inverted two of swords. But at the center is the Page of Cups. I emphasized that this and the last cards encourage her to learn.

Much love is to be had for her. I believe this true for everyone. This needs to be her focus: family does want to care for her, which may seem instead like restriction.

Finally, the inverted Page of Pentacles alerts us to the client’s need to ground herself and have the humility of a student.

I’d love to help you find peace in your relationships.  Let’s work to enrich your personal and professional circles.

My facebook page has information on my services. You can also find me on Square.

Thanks for the read.

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