The balance of life: Tea leaf readings

A photo to inspire you, thanks to Dance Planet:


This reminds me of a tea reading I did for myself. I wanted to make peace with a situation I could not control. I needed to find personal poise, my own joy.

At first I thought I saw an old woman crouched over a desk in the leaves in the cup. This would make some sense, as I do enjoy writing.

But when I took a photo of it, suddenly I saw the bigger picture: other leaves next to this mini depiction appeared as a woman balancing on one leg.

The message seemed clear that I should have fun and return to what brings me pleasure. Others may have seen it as cautionary that I steady myself and not worry about anyone or anything else, which is just as important.

Live in the moment and lead yourself towards your own perfection.

If you’d like a tea leaf reading, I would love to see what the leaves might say. My information is at my facebook page.

Thanks for the read.


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