A dream is a wish Tarot and tea leaf readings can help you manifest

This week I attended a Denver Tarot Meetup where my eyes were opened to the profound opportunities of manifestation found in a simple Tarot deck.

Hopefully I can adopt some of these techniques taught by Erica Walker Adams into a future class at SpiritWays, where I read Tarot and tea leaves every Wednesday.

Tarot can do more than provide an image that represents something you want in life.


It can also help you get to your goals, giving you ideas you may not have stumbled on before.

There is nothing wrong with wishing. It is important to reflect and know what you want from life, rather than settle for something or hide, imprisoned by denial. The exceptional image of dandelion seeds below was found on Enchanting Images.


It reminds me of the beauty of self-awareness, of anticipation, and hope.

It is my wish for you that you fulfill your dreams, and I am prepared to help your dandelion wishes take root with a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading.

My information is on my facebook page.


Thanks for the read.


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