Garden bricks: Truths and wisdom can come in clever disguises …

…  And it is fun to re-purpose objects to delight and amuse. Often we paint our truths, our foundations, and find new ways to present them.


At times that paint is unintentional. At times the facade is a matter of survival.

We subconsciously select different masks for all the encounters we have, for every role we perform in our communities and in our homes.

Tarot and tea leaf readings can help you better understand who you become in public and private settings. Entertaining endeavors, like Tarot and tea leaf readings, need perspective and a certain sprinkling of psychology to be of real use.

When we view the world, do we see bricks or books?

We see what we want to see, what we need to see.


Let’s consider your masks. We can dive into your foundations and sneak peeks at the pages within those many novels that make the library of your true self. I’d love to read Tarot and/or tea leaves for you — and why not a friend or family member, too?

You can find out more about my services at my facebook page.

Thanks for the read.

(Thanks to the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library for their mask image)


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