Love and passion can be understood through Tarot and tea leaf readings

This image is attributed to Living Green Magazine. It evokes memories for me of how my grandmother spoke to me of all the subtle colors that appear in clouds and provide their fluffy contrasts among each other and with the earth and sky. She was an important figure to everyone in the family, as well as a prolific painter.

Because of her skills as an artist, and her passion for sharing her stories about brushes, pigments, dimensions and more, I often see a landscape or a cloud and remember her.

I believe I use her little lessons in my trade as a Tarot and tea leaf reader. Tea leaf reading is very much like deciphering cloud shapes with a friend. I’ve written a blog that tells more about this at Clairporium.

Many people ask for Tarot and/or tea leaf readings because they have questions about their love lives or they are interested in their passions. What should they do with their life next? Is it time to leave their job or stay?

I am happy to see what insights can be found in the cards and/or tea leaves for you. Let’s look together and share a refreshing perspective. My information is on my facebook page and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for the read.


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