Sacrifice and the Corners of Time: A Tarot Approach

A few months ago, I went to a local Tarot event where one of the members demonstrated how to use Tarot to determine time. He went through all the cards of the major arcana and commented on what he saw.

Among the cards that have stayed in my memory is The Hanged Man and the idea of sacrifice in relation to time. hangedmanclock The Hanged Man designates a change in perspective, and I felt it valuable to center a new reading style around him. Life often asks for sacrifices, and why not ask the deck what sort of sacrifice is being requested from a client at present?

The reading I am developing can be done various ways. Perhaps you wish only to know what the four corners of time will seem to be. In other words, what the beginning/spring of your latest lesson will entail, then the ripening/summer, the harvest/autumn, and finally the end/winter.

For this, I suggest shuffling the deck and looking through it for each ace. As you pull them, also pull the card that follows, because it describes the concept of a particular beginning, ripening, harvest, and end, respectively.

If you don’t have a deck like The Victorian Fairy Tarot, which has seasons for suits, use Wands for Spring, Cups for Summer, Pentacles for Autumn and Swords for Winter.

Feel free to add to this construct: The Hanged Man will, in this same regard, define sacrifice via the card that turns up underneath it after shuffling. The Chariot can designate what victory will resemble. Let your intuition about how the cards work with time determine what messages you expect and what your parameters are, then use them to guide you.

Many thanks to John the Grey, pictured working on the foundation of a house of cards above, for he planted the seedling for this concept.

If you would enjoy a Tarot and/or Tea Leaf reading, I would much love to hear from you. My full information is at my facebook page.

Thanks for the read.


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