Of Roots, Tattoos and Trees

Perhaps it is not so curious that I am working on a blog about roots, tattoos and trees on Mother’s Day. The first two concepts, roots and trees, have obvious connections to motherhood and childhood. Tattoos are more obscure. What we tattoo to ourselves are our values, what we wish to remember. Sometimes what we want to protect us or what we wish to honor. Image This image is compelling to me for many reasons. I have checked to make sure it is attributed to Jung, a psychologist I have briefly studied … he did write it, but it is often used out of context. If I were to get a tattoo, something inspired by this might fit the bill. Perhaps I’d want a cherry tree, as I am very fond of them. Two grew in my backyard when I was a child and I spent hours sitting in one, watching the ants on the bark, listening to the world around me and feeling the sunshine and breezes of Colorado’s Western Slope. For about $100, a bio urn could be purchased for my remains when the time comes … and though I haven’t asked an expert about it, I would be very happy to see a healthy cherry tree grow from my ashes. Would you like to consider your roots in a new light? Do you wish to understand what may be stunting the growth of your internal tree? Curious what may be tattooed to your soul? I’m here to give you a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading and hope to hear from you soon. My readings start at $20 and my information is at my facebook page. Thanks for the read.


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