If Mrs. Doubtfire read tea leaves …

I wish Mrs. Doubtfire read tea leaves! It was fun watching her make the drink in the film starring Robin Williams. I imagine a dictionary of divination penned by her would be warm and delightful.

The movie comes to mind because there is word that a second Mrs. Doubtfire is underway. I hope it is successful. I still count the original as a favorite, twenty years after its release. I imagine this new film could be a joy.

I was in the first of my teen years when Mrs. Doubtfire came out. I attach the movie to memories of childhood, and my big brother, who could mimic Robin Williams terribly well, and set my mother and I into fits of laughter.

I find Tarot and/or tea leaf readings can also brighten the day or the year, and help one consider how they may reinvent themselves, delight their inner child, or how best to find the courage to try and follow up a major success.

If you’re considering a new milestone, miss your playful side or want to direct your creativity, I hope to read for you. More information on my rates and services is at my Facebook page, or contact me using the form below.

Thanks for the read.


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