Tea leaves lead to recognition of luck and uniqueness

Behavorial issues, often labeled mental illness, strike a personal chord for me.

I have suffered my own bouts of depression and can speak more of my own journey and how over four years of therapy, reading and writing have benefited me if asked.

And every reader and every client bring their own projections and perspectives to the experience of a reading. Just the other day, a client who nicknamed herself a Cleo (born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo) wanted a tea leaf reading to give her insight into her depression.

We decided on the Green Monkey tea from English Tea Leaves.

This is the main image that caught my eye:


The top clump of leaves brought to mind a unicorn, something my client recognized as quite popular these days.

“That’s me, I’m a unicorn. I’m special,” she beamed.

Though she sought help with depression, she seemed anything but sad, laughing and upbeat with her friend at her side.

We looked at the glob of tea that seemed to be a brain just beneath her unicorn. I suggested this was reinforcement of her own mental state. Maybe she was overthinking her own issues.

A pathway at the bottom of the cup seemed to have a figure standing at the beginning. A reminder that any journey worth embarking on takes time.

Finally, near the rim of the handle was a horseshoe, upright. She has luck (“Cleo” even wore a little shamrock around her neck), but she is also responsible for recognizing and honoring her luck. She must protect it, just by giving it her awareness.

I am grateful people care about their mental state and that I can give some insight. But sometimes my help may not be sufficient, as I can’t claim to give advice as a certified psychologist.

Please do reach out to a place like The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance if you feel you or a loved one is struggling with depression, suicide or bipolar. Anxiety is also commonly tied to bipolar: reaching out for assistance takes courage and is an important step and can make all the difference.

If you’d like a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading, I would love to hear from you. Please like my Facebook page for info on my rates and services.

Thanks for the read.


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