Pick a card: The Mythical Goddess Tarot

Here are two cards from the Mythical Goddess Tarot,  created by two women in Colorado and published in 2008. I selected these two cards:



Which do you choose?

Take a moment to decide.

No peeking …


Here are the cards, turned around:


The guidebook for this deck says the Two of Earth represents “renewal and regeneration through cyclical rebirth.” Let change come easily and without resistance.

The second card is the Four of Earth. It speaks of “self-respect and clear identity.” Because it is inverted, it may indeed be asking you to mind and mend your boundaries.

The art for this deck is by Katherine Skaggs and the author is Sage Holloway.

If you’d like me to read for you using this deck or another, and/or tea leaves, I hope to hear from you soon. Please like my Facebook page, where you can also find more information on my rates and services.

Thanks for the read.


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