Work woes: How can Tarot help?

It’s not an uncommon scenario. Jobs are full of drama, or dimwits, or dull moments. Angst, anxiety, or a not-nice-word that starts with a.

And Tarot professionals are often asked to help with an unhappy work environment. Or a card reading is expected to verify whether someone should stay with their employer or move on.

These can be very hard questions to answer. The approach I advise is to ask the cards (or in my case, sometimes a teacup with loose-leaf tea) how to best cope with a less than desirable work situation.

Recently my client and I asked this of the Victorian Fairy Tarot, and when she finished shuffling, two cards slipped off of the top of the deck. It was clear they should become our focus.

The first card is the Herald of Summer. Things aren’t as grim, perhaps, as they may seem. I spoke to my client about focusing on what is beautiful about her life. “He’s holding onto this pretty flower and that’s what he cares about,” I said. And he is surrounded by fragrant flowers.

I suggested using fragrance in her daily routine, aromatherapy while on the clock.

The Ace of Summer also emphasizes ease and life’s pleasures. A fresh outlook seemed in order. You can read from the companion to the deck about this card here, and make no mistake: the book describes the Herald as feminine. I wanted to retain my original reading above, however.

In the end we are responsible for our own perceptions, and indeed sometimes we must use our feet to walk away from negativity. But if we do our best to be lighthearted and move and think simply, I believe each day can have a bit of summer in it. Maybe even a fairy or two!

It’d bring me joy to read Tarot and/or tea leaves for you. You can like me on Facebook and/or leave a comment in the form below to learn more about my services, including email readings.

Thanks for the read.


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