Tarot Turtle Power! Readings to relate to all the characters in your life

Sometimes you can’t see eye to eye with someone.

Maybe they are shy. Or you are!

Or they’ve had a rough day and you have been bouncing about, with a positive attitude, like my favorite cartoon character, Pinkie Pie.

Done with my day job, I had my signature hat off and saw a really cute kiddo I’d spotted while in the cheese shop I work at. He had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo hat on that I envied.

TMNT cap

I didn’t get his father’s attention when they went by my department, but I stopped to say hello and saw the boy also wore a TMNT shirt.

I complimented his hat and said, “I like Michelangelo, too, see?” while pointing out a Michelangelo button I got last summer at Denver Comic Con.

His response was anticlimactic.

“Uhhhh …”

Dad smiled, laughed and thanked me.

Perhaps his son was simply shy. Or had a tough day fighting The Foot. Or it was pizza time! … and they were far from getting a hot slice.

If you would like insight into a relationship, whether it be romantic, work-related, or have family ties, let me know. I’d love to offer some help with an email reading or perhaps we can meet in person if you are in the Denver area.

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