Victorian Fairy Tarot enhances tea leaf reading for young client concerned about pregnancy

One of my clients at SpiritWays had a number of questions on her mind: mostly she wanted direction in her career, but a possible pregnancy weighed heavy.

We began with a peppermint tea leaf reading, and she felt the saucer was at least as important to interpret as the cup itself:


She distinctly saw a birdhouse. We’d been asking about her career and at first I thought this might indicate work with animals, especially as a cat or rabbit appeared to me in her cup. Upon later reflection, a tie to both wildlife and a sense of home seems more appropriate.

The image also conjured two other concepts to my client. She kept eyeing it. It began next to look like a pregnant woman, and then a sea turtle.

I am still learning and adoring the Victorian Fairy Tarot, which I’ve owned for about one month. And the best readings, I find, evoke a discourse between reader and client.

We used the Victorian Fairy Tarot with this tea reading. I pulled three cards to investigate her possible pregnancy:


I told her The Stars indicate pure trust in herself and it is a potent omen. The inverted Queen of Winter made me feel she isn’t pregnant, and The Hanging Fairy felt like a reminder to take a new perspective.

She noticed how the hanging fairy is trapped in a spider web and crying for help. I focused more on the first two cards: the strong feminine forces in them, and that she can overcome her obstacles, whether or not it turns out she is going to have a child.

The companion to the deck is beautifully written and states how The Stars represent destiny and our place in the cosmos, while The Hanging Fairy has been lost in a dreamworld where he has gained a new means of looking at the world. In fact, you may read about this relationship to the poppies on his card here.

Many birds appear in this deck and it would have been interesting to see what may have been brought to the table if one had come up in the reading, in light of the birdhouse on the saucer.

I’d love to read tea leaves and/or Tarot for you. In addition to my times at SpiritWays, I can read for you via email. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for the read.


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