Milestones by the three … hundreds

Long folks have claimed good news and even bad come in threes. Why not also milestones?


As I work on this post, I am one like away from 300 likes on my business page. I hope you’ll join those who have already shown support and help cheer me on to my goal of another 300 by next February. Your thoughtful efforts are appreciated and I believe in mutual boosts. So give me a shout out and I’ll respond in kind.

My other two milestones achieved this week include publication in a Tarot anthology called Tarot in Culture. It is on sale in ebook form through March 17 and will be in hardcover in July.

This two volume set is full of illustrations and papers on Tarot in culture. The forward is also written by a favorite Tarot author, Rachel Pollack.

My final milestone this week is the acquisition of a smartphone. Yes. I confess. It’s my first smartphone. My basic one was simply not adequate to assist me in running my business, especially as I read outside of the home, most often at SpiritWays in Denver on Wednesdays from 10-3.

If you’re interested in a Tarot and/or tea leaf reading, I can read for you via email, at SpiritWays as mentioned above, or by appointment. Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for the read.


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