Harry Potter and the Happy Squirrel: Hermione, as Page of Coins, considers Ron and Harry

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Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings

Perhaps you have read news that Harry Potter author J.K Rowling recently disclosed that Hermione was not destined for Ron.

Having recently read how to do a Happy Squirrel reading, I couldn’t resist. I am a fan of quirky humor and animation, like “The Simpsons”, where the Happy Squirrel originates.

“The Happy Squirrel has become a bit of an in-joke in the tarot community since  it first appeared in the Simpsons episode Lisa’s Wedding in the mid 1990’s.” —   A review of the Touchstone Tarot


In the absence of a deck that has a Happy Squirrel card, I’ve turned to picking the card the Page of Coins from the Vanessa Tarot to represent Hermione. She is inquisitive, and pages are the court card that correlate to students. No one out-students Hermione, no one!

I simply shuffled the deck and spread out the cards until that Happy Squirrel…

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