A conversation with a cup: Capricorn/Aquarius’s zodiac sign tea leaf reading

When I read zodiac sign tea leaves for a client, I like to sit the cup’s handle where the client’s sun sign is.

My zodiac chart comes from Caroline Myss‘s Sacred Contracts board game. For this particular reading, my client was a Capricorn/Aquarius:


What I saw in the area of her highest potential (Capricorn) was a heart or happy llama — the left side was the hump or the left side of the heart and the right was somewhat staggered … going towards the house of spirituality …

As I knew her to be a professor with a lifelong passion for eastern philosophy and spiritual knowledge, I opened with the idea that the left side of the heart was like steps. “This would ring true,” I told her, “as you are always ascending, learning, spiritually, and your heart is in that work.”

I also noted that the head of  a hound, seen almost at one o’clock, below,  is situated so that the mind is in the house of self-expression (Gemini)


My client spoke, then, of writing letters to her meditation teacher while he was on a year-long retreat. “I’m often struggling with wanting to be known and wanting to dissolve ego,” she also said.This brought us to the house of Aries, or Ego/Personality. I had noted images without her and we later talked about what I saw. “I thought you may meet a woman soon who had influence on your ego,” I said.I explained the reason I made this conclusion was because there was a long stick in that spot: the solitary stick could also represent my client and the awareness she’d just stated.

This image is in the above picture, at around four or five o’clock.

140212_0002Next, I told her my translation of the above imagery. To me, the bottom of the cup is filled with leaves that look like an angel when viewed from her birth sign.”One from the side … like it’s striding toward something.””Herrrm … more striving,” my client responded.

“Or you have help. A guide is alongside you. It’s not a hiker. It’s divine,” I said.

Finally, I had seen a curling, spiraling bloom in my client’s cup. I admit a tendency to reassure in my readings. I wanted to let her know that this was a metaphor giving her permission to know her inner beauty.

“Recognition of self doesn’t have to overwhelm … and become boastful. It was a single flower, not a bouquet,” I said.

She said the calla lily was used in her wedding and admitted they do look like a single curled leaf. She prefers hydraengeas now.

“A reminder of your union, then, of your younger self, too?”

“Yes,” she said. “A nice reminder of how much I’ve grown and changed.”

If you’d like a Tarot or tea leaf reading, please let me know.

Thanks for the read.


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