True Heart of a Relationship card reading for Valentine’s Day

I discovered a True Heart of a Relationship card spread via a colleague on a meetup facebook group recently, and was lucky to try it out on a couple who will celebrate their wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

It’s six cards that help explain a relationship, according to Tarot, at a certain moment in time.

Here’s what this example looks like:


The first card represents him:

The eight of swords.
I read with input from the lady of the couple, and we came to agree that the swords are restrictions that the opinions of others have placed on her husband. This has been a lesson for him to consider and overcome — but the sky and the water indicate the storm has passed. He’s able to unbind himself.

The second card represents her:

The Queen of Wands.
We both noticed the “hand firmly on the solid staff,” as she said. “She’s ready. The lions above her symbolize unity, and she’s ready.” She is able to connect to nature, or create a fertile environment, even in the desert.

The Past:

Ten of Pentacles.
Their union has been fruitful. I saw prosperity, family, cohesion and loyalty. The tower “feels like what they’re working toward together,” said my client, who determined that the couple in this picture had many yin and yang qualities and felt that while they have their own interests, they communicate with one another.  A lot of life is in their house. “Everywhere you look!,” said my client.

The Present:

Two of Pentacles Inverted.
“Our figure eight!,” my client said. The balancing act of this dancing figure doesn’t just point towards an ability to be playful in their relationship, but the green infinity symbol is also tattooed on both partners in the marriage this reading is for. We agreed that inversions don’t spell the opposite of a card’s meaning, but rather enhances it.

The Future:

Eight of Wands Inverted.
My client explained that this is a card that came up often for her when she used her own deck earlier in their relationship. It signifies their communication. I noted that the sprouts on the wands are directed to the Ten of Pentacles.


Five of Cups.
We agreed that this card is a reminder they have had to unite and carry on. The boots on this figure are sturdy and he can explore the tower in the background. Black is a color of potential, something I hadn’t thought of until she pointed out how a black cloak can be ideal for getting around. An interpretation is that their marriage is “literally overflowing with potential,” to paraphrase my client.

My advice was to remember there are still two cups standing in this card, which my client had also noticed. And that the majority of these cards have blue skies. Focus on the clear and cheerful and do not fear changes in weather.

If you’d enjoy a relationship reading, let me know. This is one of the simpler versions I offer. I can compare couples side by side or see what the cards offer for cathartic ideas, practical advice and more.

Thanks for the read.


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